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Take better photos now with our quick reference cards!

Our quick reference cards are the easiest way to learn photography. 22 double-sided professionally printed on 0.3mm plastic making them durable, waterproof and light.

Attach them to your camera bag and take them everywhere with you. 

Take better pictures instantly as these cards jog your memory and provide you with everything you need to know when learning photography.

These teach you the art of photography and are suitable for all digital SLR camera brands.

Moving away from "Auto" has never been so easy.



Mel purchased her first camera in Sydney, Australia and completed her first photography course through the Photography Institute. From here she developed a love of all things photography. "I always loved the idea of photography and always managed to see great photos in my mind. I just needed to learn the technical side of my camera and of photography so I could take these images I envisaged in my head." 

In 2016, using her years of training and methodical approach, Mel proudly launched her Sweet As Photography Quick Reference Cards which make learning and remembering photography a breeze for photographers of all levels!


Focusing now on mainly teaching photography but also taking corporate and model/actor headshots. 

We love to hear from you so get in touch to see how we can assist you in your next project.

Sweet As!


Photo Editing

March 29, 2017

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