Learn Photography

Moving your camera off "Auto" has never been so easy!

After years of photography experience we realised what we love the most and that is teaching others how to use their camera. Whether it is to learn exactly how to use your DSLR to make money or purely to take better photos of the things that you love.

Sweet As Photos hold face 2 face photography classes as well as an online course comprising of 12 units with practical lessons at the end of each unit.

Quick Reference Cards

Take better photos now with our quick reference cards!

Our quick reference cards are the easiest way to learn photography. 22 double-sided professionally printed on 0.3mm plastic making them durable, waterproof and light.

Attach them to your camera bag and take them everywhere with you. 

Take better pictures instantly as these cards jog your memory and provide you with everything you need to know when learning photography.

These teach you the art of photography and are suitable for all digital SLR camera brands.

Moving away from "Auto" has never been so easy.