Photography Quick Reference Cards

The art of photography is a lot of fun but it is also quite technical and complicated at first.  Moving away from “Auto” mode gives you the freedom to be creative and also allows you to achieve some amazing photos.  On the flip side it can also give you a headache trying to remember all the settings, rules, terminology all while trying to have fun.  It is almost impossible to remember everything at the start and difficult to lug those heavy textbooks around, for scroll through the pages of text. 
That’s where Sweet As Photography Reference Cards come in. Proudly designed and written by an experienced Photographer based in Sydney Australia, who has completed years of study. These cards cover the most important elements of photography and are designed to clip to your bag and take with you, anywhere and anytime.
When I started out in photography I would have loved something like this to jog my memory while out and about. So I created my own cheat sheets on pieces of cardboard. They evolved from these scrappy cards I kept inside my bag to these durable, concise and read to read cards suitable for all photographers.
As with most things in photography there is usually more than one way to do something but these cards show you the way I do it which has proven to be successful for me.
Professional printed on plastic so they not only look great but they can withstand the weather and general wear and tear while being attached to your photography bag.
These cards are designed based on the art of photography and not based on a type of camera such as Canon, Sony or Nikon so they should be suitable for all photographers.

Size: 54m x 85.5mm
Cards: 22 (double sided – so 44 single pages total)
Full colour - professionally printed 0.3mm plastic
Rounded corners with hole punched at the too
Smooth, matte finish
Numbered for easy reference
Colour coded for easy reference
Held together with a meal ring
Comes with a metal clip to clip to bags and belts (see photo for reference)
Written in basic language and instructions
Easy to follow

Topics Covered

Before and after shooting checklists
Camera modes
Shutter speed
White balance
BULB – long exposure
Sunny 16 Rule
Understanding histograms
Step-By-Steps – steps to achieving some awesome techniques such as light painting and panning.