Wee and Pootopia

Wee and Pootopia

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Have you ever wondered when you finish on the loo, what happens to your wee?  What happens to your poo?

Well wonder no more.  Introducing Wee and Pootopia.

Wee and Pootopia is a quirky and colourful children’s book written out of a need to find a fun and interactive way to encourage toilet training for your toddler.

“When my 2 year old went through a toilet training regression I tried everything to get her back into the toilet training regime.  Nothing seemed to work.  I searched for tools to help and although there were a few for parents there were not fun books for children.  That is when I developed Wee and Pootopia.” Said the author.

This 38 page children's book is illustrated with bright and fun pictures and quirky rhymes to capture the imagination of your child and make it a fun read for parents too.


It is a favourite in our house and hopefully it will be in yours too.


This book is a softcover full-colour children's book.