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Grey Cards - What are they? How do I use one? Do I really need it?

A grey card, as its name suggests, is a card that is 18% grey in colour. It is used to help you get your whites to look white. Different kind of lights can make your white look more blue or yellow – basically not look as white as they could be or are. If you look at a white shirt in daylight then compare it to how it looks under fluorescent lights you will notice the shirt looks a different colour.

The camera can’t distinguish what white is the correct white and this is where the grey card comes in.

The grey card is a tool to help your camera identify a mid tone. A grey card will help you set you exposure and white balance no matter what the lighting conditions might be.

Ok so I have a grey card now how do I use it?

  1. Get set up to take your photo.

  2. Before taking the photo place your grey card in front of your subject.

  3. De-focus your camera slightly and take a phot